Frequently asked questions

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions:

What is Couchsurfing?

CouchSurfing is a worldwide network connecting travelers with members of local communities who offer free accommodation and/or advice.

Where will I sleep?

Nuremberg has a great couchsurfing community, just do a couchsearch and send personal couch requests to the person you want to stay with.
Couchsurfing host in Nuremberg

If you need a couch last-minute just write a post in the following group (we'll also try to provide a list of last minute couches at the Meet & Greet):

If you prefer to stay in a hostel you can check:

There is also a camping ground you can use:

Or of course one of the various hotels in Nuremberg.

How will I get around in Nuremberg?

Public transport is quite good in Nuremberg. You can use the metro, tram or bus. Tickets are available at the vending
machines at the stops or the main station. We recommend buying a day ticket for one (TagesTicketSolo) or two people (Tages-TicketPlus). If you buy a day ticket on Saturday, Sunday is included for free. To travel inside of Nuremberg you need price level A. Most locations in the city center are in walking distance.

For more information check:

If you want you can buy tickets in advance at their online shop(print at home):

It's also possible use the local bike rental system:

Do I need to pay for it?

No, this event is completly based on donations, but also relies on it. Without your donations it would not be possible to cover the costs of this weekend.

You are welcome to join all the activites for free. If you want to support us, just donate what you want, can afford, or what you feel the event is worth to you.

Only for some events you will have to pay your individual costs of the activies yourself (like rental fees/adminsion/public transport/...)

Who created this awesome logo?

A special “thank you” goes to Bendl & Klotz who created the logo and other artwork for us!
Check out their website: